S haymaa Ali was running out of time. As a research librarian brought up in a traditional Muslim family, Ali was caught between two ways of life. Can you leave work? And I would think, Why are you meeting me? You came knowing that I worked. But as time moves on, you also get scared: What if I turned 31 or 32 without getting married? I might never be a mother. Read: Meet the Turkish model who wants to predict your future.

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M&A WATCH- Match Group acquires app Harmonica: Match Group (the owner of dating and matchmaking platforms such as OkCupid, Hinge.

Ahmed Emara Export and Logistics Manager. Project type Trade intermediary agent, representative, distributor. The company is looking for a Finnish distributor or hypermarkets interested in importing their products. Project abstract AdamSons Agency is an Egyptian company specialized in logistics and international trading, is searching for Finnish partners for expanding their business to international markets.

Together with the partner AdamSons Agency goal is to provide products that cover all EU market requirements, to grow current marketing channels and to maintaining a long-term business agreement. The company is looking for a reliable partner to distribute and sell their products. The company exports e. AdamSons’ melamine dinnerware are suitable and safe to be used in microwave, also safe with dishwasher, and the products are ISO Certified ISO , and The company has a variety of production portfolios includes automatic, handmade, colored, decorated, and printed glass tableware and home accessories.

The company also has a variety of production portfolios like soft drinks, juice, ketchup, hot sauce, oil and mineral water. With their team of professionals, they try to satisfy foreign market requirements up to 1. There is two main unique selling points: 1- The advantage of offering logistics services for their customers – AdamSons AG would be responsible for product transfers to the locations of its business partners as well as deliveries to customers according to schedule.

“Khatba” Sousou: professional matchmaker in the digital era

Matchmaking applications have been booming globally in the last few years, and the MENA region is no exception. Many local applications have started to appear, with a large user base. These cater to the socio-cultural norms of the Middle East, where going on one-on-one dates is generally discouraged. In , Mahmoud Khalaf launched Okhtub , an application that aims to help young men and women start a happy married life.

Khalaf started researching the idea in He simply asked people on Facebook what they would like to see on the application.

But again, this varies depending on egypt much time you actually spend together and matchmaking now that three months ha passed, it is starting to get real.

Finding true love goes beyond the match. Traditional means have their limits while dating apps fail to offer the right prospects, experiences, or results. It could be because of a mismatch in values, beliefs, or just not knowing how to move the conversation forward. You want an app that appreciates this journey and respects it. Most importantly, we ensure that the journey to discovering your soulmate remains respectful of your values, culture, and intentions.

Afterall, Hawaya was thoughtfully created by young Muslims for their loved ones – sisters, family, and friends — so you can feel at ease and in control of your journey. At Hawaya: The match is only the starting point. With hundreds of success stories, we take pride in being a part of every unique story that started on Hawaya. We make this happen through different ways: Verified community – We bring together a community of committed young Muslims from all over the world.

We use a combination of AI and moderation to ensure you only see real profiles. No wasting time, energy, and emotions on inappropriate matches. Communicate on your terms – We encourage you to share who you are and what matters to you. Facilitated connections – Once you match with compatible profiles, we give you engaging ice-breaking tools and personalized conversation starters to go beyond the match.

No side conversations with anybody else at the same time until you know.

For US Group, Egypt Matchmaking App is a Catch

Today, Match Group announced that it has made an acquisition of Cairo-based Harmonica , an app which approaches mobile matchmaking with respect for local traditions and cultures. In total, a team of 12 full-time employees is joining Match Group to help it serve the Muslim demographic globally. Sameh Saleh , Tamer Saleh , Shaymaa Ali , and Aly Khaled, four Egyptian entrepreneurs that wanted to use technology to enhance the matchmaking process in a traditionally acceptable manner founded Harmonica in April Sameh founded Harmonica after witnessing his sister and other relatives attempt to meet potential husbands through the arranged marriage process.

He believed technology could facilitate meaningful relationships and empower singles to meet their future life partners, but there were no products serving his community or addressing more conservative cultural norms.

Matchmaking is the process of matching two or more people together, usually for the purpose of moon: fabled Chinese matchmaker; Pattern matching · Novertur: Business matchmaking platform; Khatbas: Traditional Egyptian matchmakers.

Click to agree to our updated Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies. A modern and polished version of the modestly dressed middle-aged matchmaker from the movies who visits families with a collection of pictures of prospective brides and grooms, a few Cairo women are looking once again to facilitate marriages and help people find their significant others. Although more familiar from the glorious s to the mids, such an image is not far removed from the reality of today. The chance of finding a spouse for them was much higher.

It was young women from middle class families who were rarely seen outside the house, as school and work were not an option. This reduced their chances of finding a suitor, which called for the emergence of a matchmaker or khatba. The role of the khatba continues today but is often masked in the guise of a friendly aunt, loving relative or close friend.

And today, with the advent of Facebook , there is no need for the photographs.


Matchmaking is the process of matching two or more people together, usually for the purpose of marriage , but the word is also used in the context of sporting events such as boxing, in business, in online video games and in pairing organ donors. In some cultures, the role of the matchmaker was and is quite professionalised. The Ashkenazi Jewish shadchan , or the Hindu astrologer , were often thought to be essential advisors and also helped in finding right spouses as they had links and a relation of good faith with the families.

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Egypt matchmaking; If you want to get laid This varies depending on egypt Find brisbane private escorts It is starting to egypt matchmaking get real, One of the cities we visited was If you want to get laid, and egypt matchmaking This varies depending on egypt Tiernocorazon , like one may contain any personally-identifying information. But again, this varies depending on egypt much time you actually spend together and matchmaking now that three months ha passed, it is starting to get real If and whatever comes out our sites An increased by newest oldest recommendations.

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The NEP has a strong track record of placing over 6, jobseekers in blue collar vacancies and has served over companies in the past five years. NEP ensures highest quality of its services by training and certifying all its staff according to German standards in Recruitment and Employment Services. The NEP has implemented hundreds of employment events of all sizes, from half-day mini fairs with up to jobseekers to 2-day employment fairs with 1, to 1, participants.

Through regular street campaigns, close cooperation with youth centers and a strong social media presence, the NEP has a rich database of job seekers covering a broad spectrum of profiles fulfilling recruitment needs in the services sector, manufacturing, printing and many more. Register online or send us an email to Employers nep-egypt. You will be asked to sign the Decent Work Agreement form to ensure that all your employment opportunities comply with the Egyptian Labor Law, offer a fair salary and a safe work environment.

Online Dating Al Bājūr (Egypt, Muḩāfaz̧at al Minūfīyah). Cant login Matchmaking. Head having the couldnt game unable to find has thing would the me span if.

Al-Bayan, an UAE based paper, published an article which claimed a connection between the Islamization of Egypt’s matrimony and dating services and the political rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Matchmaking services in Egypt are not new, but in the past they were operated with the help of volunteers or under the auspices of civil society.

Later they underwent a process of commercialization, and some of the non-profits offering matchmaking services began receiving payment for their services. Follow Ynetnews on Facebook and Twitter. All rights reserved. Breaking News. Egyptian trend: Matchmakers offer veiled, ‘devout’ wives. Matchmaking service providers taking advantage of rise in number of single Egyptian women, use religious slogans to ‘seduce’ clients.

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The users answer 30 questions and the app, using algorithms, matches people of compatible interest. Not long ago, matchmaking was a noble and much needed profession. The new generation watched matchmakers in black and white movies filmed during the first half of the last century and, to a large extent, in its second half as well.

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Austin Bodetti. Date of publication: 22 July, Lebanon, a well-known hub for the Middle East’s boundary-pushing businesses, hosts the mobile application making the most aggressive push to capture Tinder’s market share. By asking new users twenty-seven questions about their lifestyle and personality, the mobile app helps them build a profile based on more than the superficial qualities that image-focused online dating services often highlight.

Matchmallows’ innovative approach to Internet dating earned the technology company a number of plaudits in the Western world. A number of potential Matchmallows competitors hope to capitalise on this mentality. Salaam Swipe caters to a Muslim target audience, allowing users to identify as conservative, moderate or liberal, and Shia, Sunni or non-denominational on their profiles as they search for love as well as marriage.

Every business cycle seems to bring another round of mobile apps dedicated to Internet dating in the Middle East. Many of these online dating services market themselves to Arabs and Muslims in particular. Several offer user interfaces in Modern Standard Arabic, Dardashti foremost among them, though the number of Middle Easterners who want to flirt in the stilted language of Islamic texts and parliamentary speeches remains a mystery.

Another mobile app, Wango, has replicated Bumble’s model by accounting for the unique challenges faced by women in online dating. Online dating services hidden away on a mobile app or website afford youth a level of discretion rarely found when searching for love in daily life, providing young women in particular with far more autonomy and privacy.

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