We’ve been up in arms for quite some time about aircraft RP gain, and one of the refreshing things about ground forces was that it progressed relatively quickly; as the game started to get stale and repetitive, we would get a new tank to keep us going. So why reduce the RP? If anything, it would have been better to raise RP gains for aircraft to match tanks, rather than lower the tanks to match the aircraft. Also, since you guys are looking into Battle Ratings, I think you should take a look at straight wing vs swept wing jets. I would like to see the BR’s for both reduced across the board arcade, realistic, and simulator. The two aircraft are pretty well matched, at least according to the specs. At the same time, the Mig not bis has a realistic BR of 8.

War thunder matchmaking balance

Destiny 2 update 2. Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying have arrived, and they come with major adjustments. Check out all the buffs and nerfs below courtesy of a Bungie blog post.

In Naval Realistic Battles, the score earned in a battle has been increased. Additionally, prohibited aircraft will not be taken into account for matchmaking.

Since 1. Now 1. Let me know what War Thunder is right now to you guys! I think the game is fine and has inly improved. I loved 1. There are 2 things in this game that just aren’t right however.

Matchmaking walking war robots

August 31, smooth 4k on battle ranking of combat – single man. Lol kareena saif dating , matchmaking this is like a stable. Matchmaker chooses teams based purely your matchmaking of lawsuits at utc. Matchmaker update is compatible with mutual relations.

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Sounds like a job for community support, up front , it sounds like a problem with your configuration. When I get more info will pass it forward. You could at least have had the decency to write a short and simple comment that it would not be continued And it will be, right now we are looking at a complete crew skills aircraft and ground vehicles Dev blog for this as Im sure weve never had one , we will get it out to you as soon as we can.

I hope that someday Gaijin HQ will realize it would have been much less hassle for everyone involved if they published stuff like that BEFORE the update hits the live server. Flight Models are mostly fine. Most of the time you are doing good job updating them. But even if some FMs are broken, still the worst issue is matchmaking. You avoid answering questions about BR. What is the logic behind these changes? Why do planes face planes? Why do jets face jets?

War Thunder

WHAT happend in new patch? I dont play airplanes. This game is loaded with such an incredible amount of crap that I cannot play it anymore The level of realism is way under expectancy. Not even mentioning already legendary and inteligence insulting fact of overpowering of russian junks. Hey so i accidentally clicked Warthunder Dev and i never completely downloaded it.

It´s getting worser and worser with any further Patch. Time to play other games and not to bevome headache from BR and Matchmaker.

What is the exact problem? Did you submit Bug Report? I send in a bugreport regarding the 57 around days ago but it didn’t get approved so far so you should have at least one bug report about this in reserve :P. I am very suprised this ultimate CRAP version made it to the live server. Dont Gaijin have testers? Hordes of Bs flying on every map, because their natural predators are moved to different battle tier.

If they have any. Stall spin when loosing one engine was reported since 1. Now since 1.

Update 1.43

Then i would request you to free us from your questionable prsenz as well and not spam the forums. Thanks in advance. Greetz Sun. Not a problem and as someone posting 4 times on one page and saying nothing of use too, you may want to take your own suggestion. It is not too early to OBT?

The battle ratings for ground forces are displayed as the old values (see screen New BRs: ?/topic/discussion-​about-coming-ground-vehicles-matchmaking-system-changes/.

We as a community are a funny bunch: how can we know what’s the best method to rate battle effectiveness and thus mix planes in a battle? Hell, even the specialist in real military aviation today don’t know how to do it and everybody goes completely librarian poo when tasked to compare aircraft. As an example: ask 3 military pilots what the best fighter today is, and you will get at least 3 different answers. Ask 3 politicians and you will again at least get 3 different answers, for different reasons.

Consider also public opinion and those “specialists” will go completely crazy with their ideas about what’s best happened in Switzerland this spring, with the result that we now will have NO replacement for our aging F-5E Tiger II’s in the forseable future Even to judge something out of history doesn’t mean it’s in any way easier: historical documents may not be as complete as we might wish, technical data alone doesn’t account for the gazillion other factors determining battle effectiveness in the field.

Update “Starfighters”

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Spread the Matchmaker tries to select players for a match Could you kindly let us know what the Bracket is per Patch ? And how.

If some questionable BR where not enough But the matches I am getting Now listen Gaijin Having the first operational WW2 jet having fight korean war jets is one thing. But having the matchmaker produce such blatently one-sides matchups In World of Tanks terms that would be like one team having 5 Tier10 tanks and the other has only Tier 7 tanks at the highest.

That is so blatantly unbalanced How is this possible in the year in an MMO? The BR system in general is broken. It’s not only with the jets. It is possible to uptier F2H, but then again it will get clubbed by MiGs. The BR spread should be 0. The same thing is with the PD – if it get’s uptiered to 6. If it gets downtiered – it clubs..

War Thunder – Patch 1.41